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Attention all Headmasters, Company Directors, Managers and Local Government Executives,...

"If Your Team Were Performing At Less Than 50%
Of Their Potential - How Would You Know?"

If you've just answered the above question with "I'm not sure" or "I don't know", then what we're about to reveal to you could prove to be the most valuable piece of information you've come across in quite some time.

Over the last twenty years exceed expectation have developed a proprietary assessment and team building training module that not only identifies the areas that your team are performing well in, but goes on to highlight the key areas in need of further development along with an action plan to resolve the shortfalls.

As well as identifying the presence and / or absence of each critical skill at team level, we also isolate key areas for each individual so you can immediately determine whether one or more individuals are in particular need of immediate remedial improvement.

All of this in a fun, relaxed environment, where we can assess your team without them being on their guard.

Will You See A Return On Your Training Investment?

We concentrate on the productivity levels of each team as well as enhancing the group's cohesiveness, though our ultimate focus is on showing you a return on your training investment.

Each team building module can be delivered as an introductory, intermediate or master class dependent upon the attendee's needs, though we are regularly asked to develop a bespoke training day dedicated towards one of the following constraints within the team.

Do you want your team to:
- work better together?
- iron out any communication difficulties that have developed over time?
- set new team goals and objectives or agreements?
- implement new boundaries / parameters within the workplace?
- reward your team for successfully achieving pre-agreed objectives?
- understand that the goal posts have moved and they need to adapt and overcome?

We are able to encompass any of these specific objectives into a bespoke training day for your team.

Contact us about your team buidling needs on 0800 058 8180 today for an informal chat about your requirements and we will quickly confirm whether we're in a position to help you.

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